Noorpur Public School was started in the year 1992 to provide quality education to the students at the affordable price

Principal’s Desk

punam dograIt feels great to be at the helm of things when the entire education scenario is a state of flux. The feeling of doubt and uncertainity that every change entails brings out the best in you, and provides you welcome diversion from the monotonous excellence of yesteryear. But at the same time, what you visualise ought to be followed by meticulous planning and proper use of your initiative. Those who bears the onus to edify impressionable children need to be unprecedentedly alert and proactive to have a fresh look at the pedagogic abilities so as to cater to the needs of modern learners and ensure a synchronous growth of their body, mind and soul.
To understand the recently enunciated concept of CCE is to understand the fact that learner is as important as learning. The sometime genius may find itself a bygone glory if it is not receptive to change. Teacher’s sitting on the elevated pulpit & preaching lessons to pupil’s needs to be replaced by an intimate & enlightening proximity to the young ones to spur their own pursuits. Children’s own spontaneous interpretations of the existing or assumed phenomenon through oral questioning, activities, project work, unit assignments, etc must be sensitively observed, assessed & modified on a persistent basis before guarding them in their chosen disciplines. Appraisal tools should not be confined to the routine business of reproducing information in a written exam, which has always been a baby of chance & fate. Furthermore, only a mindful blend of academic, cultural & sports activities can attract Newtons & Sachins to study in the same school.

I am glad that we at Noorpur Public School have hailed a change with all promptness & humility, but there is still a lot more to be done to make it to the top.

- Punam Dogra