Noorpur Public School was started in the year 1992 to provide quality education to the students at the affordable price

Scheme of Studies

Nursey to Class 8th:

The School has collaborated with XSEED, a Singapore based company since April 2016. It has network in 11 countries for teaching and learning. XSEED is operating in app. 3000 school with over 1 million students in India. XSEED program is research-led, makes teaching consistent and learning more hands-on for every child. In this system students learn and apply what they have studied instead of just memorizing facts.  XSEED children ask more questions, complete their homework on their own, and are not afraid to speak-up in English, persist longer in solving problems, and score well in tests.

No tuitions are required at home. Teaching is done through Practical/Demonstration/ Discussions/ Understanding with tools/Observations and peer participation.


Some of the important recommendations of the “National Education Policy 2020” are already being implemented by Noorpur Public School.

1) Admitting 3 years old child in Grade Nursery and 6 years old child in Grade 1.

2) Learning by doing since last 6 years through XSEED System of Learning.

3) Experiential Learning and Active Learning.

4) Two assessments in a year.

5) No rote learning.

6) We encourage our students to write answers in their own language.

7) Stress on Literacy and Numeracy.

8) To assess the child, question paper has got reasoning, application of knowledge, critical thinking etc.

9) More stress on practical learning.

Parents of our students have found “A visible impact in curiosity of children within 9 months. In classrooms where the teacher used to talk 95 percent of the time is now reduced to 40 to 50%. Now students are participating more and asking more questions. They are doing hands-on activities, applying their mind, and peer participation is increased. Those are the kinds of skills we need in the world of tomorrow.”

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over."


STREAMS FOR + 1 & +2

  1. i) Language: English Compulsory for all.
  2. ii) Medical & Non-Medical: English Core, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths & Physical Education.

iii)  Commerce: English Core, Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy & Physical Education.